I still remember sitting at a Kellogg Management Conference 3 years ago when someone asked me: “What do you need from the Universe right now?”

Unblinkingly, I said, “I need Oprah.”

The poor woman tried hard to keep a straight face as she said to me, “You know she is not a parent.”

To which I stared back and said, “Oh yes, she is. Just not in your definition.”

It might have only been less than a year later that I did meet Oprah and then have been on her show many times since.

This “manifestation-of-Oprah” did not take less than a year, however.

This manifestation took years and years.

Years of preparation. It was a slow-cook process. I say this to remind us all that nothing comes into manifestation immediately. Everything we see and are, is a slow-cook process.

This is what I learned through this slow-cook process of manifestation:

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  • It was only when I was able to harness my inner mental energies that I was able to harness my outer world to cooperate with my dreams.
  • It took severe inner discipline to create this alignment.


Discipline of what?

  • Of my monkey-mind.
  • Of my confusions.
  • Of my lack of self-belief, worth and power.
  • Of my lack of trust.

Oh, and let me not forget to mention, my lack of consciousness around my UNconsciousness – my ego, in other words.

I discovered, slowly, but surely, that no matter what:

It is only when our inner worlds are in true alignment with our outer vision – as in, a full match to what we desire on the outside – in every possible way – in terms of worth, courage and abundance – only then, will our visions manifest.

Therefore, if you are in a place in your life where you are feeling stuck, don’t look outside for support.

Look within.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my inner reality right now?
  • In what abode do my thoughts live?
  • Are they bathed in fear or fearlessness?
  • Entombed in scarcity or abundance?
  • Riddled with judgment or compassion?

This much I know to be true: what is within is without.

If you want abundance in the outer realm you HAVE to be LIT UP WITH ABUNDANCE FROM WITHIN.

This means:

zero negativity
zero comparisons
zero shame
zero worthlessness
zero distrust

It means:

full-on fire
full-on embrace
full-on gratitude
full-on trust
full-on surrender
full-on declarations of worth and inner power.



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