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Consciousness, Culture, & Parenting.

A conversation with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

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Dr. Shefali explains that her primary entry point into the world of connecting with and teaching parenting is through her desire to expand the consciousness of each person. She explains that because the beginning stages of parenting so often create a willingness to make sacrifices on behalf of the parent, she realized that people were more amenable to ?great spiritual change.? She frames consciousness as an act of introspection whereby each of us may learn how to challenge the ?lies? that culture has told us about who and how we need to be. Culture while necessary, inevitably wounds people because the nature of culture is bi-polar, while it provides guidance by which we can connect to the world, it also limits our capacity to come to know ourselves. We are each called to both learn to be in the world and then to also see through the guises presented by the culture of fear and control that are interwoven within the nature of culture.

To achieve this, the threshold through which we must all pass is marked by the feeling of our vulnerability and how the common refrain of ?this is hard? is the precise moment we need to be most fully engaged. We are asking ourselves not to feel pain, but are entirely aware that in each of our lives pain is correlated with our personal growth.

Dr. Shefali is asked what it means when we parents desire for our kids to be ?successful and happy?? Learn Dr. Shefali?s insight into this and other questions about parenting. Her core approach is that while the act of parents ?turning the spotlight? away from our kids and onto ourselves is a scary experience, it is also an expanding one, with the consequence of the entire family feeling more abundant and more free to be the unique being each member of the family was created to be.
Oprah has endorsed Shefali?s work as revolutionary and life-changing.


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