In this video learn about the mistakes of unconscious parenting from Shefali Tsabary, PhD.


To parent unconsciously means to be unaware that as a parent, we are carrying emotional baggage that is in an overload drive, to be unaware that we ourselves see to it unmet emotional needs that we ourselves haven?t raised ourselves to the level we may need to, to raise another emotional, spiritual being that is our child. When we parent unconsciously, just presuming that we are the greater than, we know more, because we are just older, this is where mishaps happen and this is where we create a dysfunction within the parental child relationship; to enter a conscious state of parenting and of awareness means to understand that our emotional imprints that we inherited from our parents is going to directly impact and bear upon the parental relationship that we have with our child. If we fail to take this into supreme consideration then we will miss the fact that when our child acts out it?s our energy that is in there as well, that when a child has a problem, it?s our energetic imprint that?s in that mix and this is what I see happening over and over again, a feeling of the parent to understand their own baggage in the relationship, they just divorce themselves from the problem and now only the child is the problem and when the child begins to grow up feeling that they are carrying the burden of all problems, that?s when they begin to disconnect with their essence and their spirit and their sense of joy and unlimitlessness.

Dr. Shefali

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