The Awakened Self

Dr. Shefali Tsabary: The Awakened Self

Whatever name you give it?purpose, meaning, transcendence?we all want the same thing, says Dr. Shefali Tsabary, the clinical psychologist, parenting expert and author. ?We want nothing more than to feel the deepest connection within ourselves and with others. To touch upon the wonder and abundance that we know is our sovereign right. To rediscover who we once were. To reclaim the purpose for why we were born,? she says.

The irony, Dr. Shefali explains, is that we once had this ?special something? we now yearn for. ?You had it as that child who knew its might,? she says. ?Who had wonder. Grace. Presence. Beauty. Worth. Significance.?

But as time goes on, something changes. Why do we lose our authentic selves? ?The adults in your life happened,? Dr. Shefali says. ?Your parents happened. Culture happened.?

In this eye-opening SuperSoul Session, Dr. Shefali teaches us to end the cycle and become who we truly are.


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