The mainstream paradigm of divorce is largely negative. Of course it is. But let?s face it: it?s not divorce that?s ?bad? per se, but rather, the
egos of the people involved in it.

It?s the ego that messes up both the marriage and the divorce. What is the ego here? The ego is that of ATTACHMENT disguised as LOVE.

Most of us believe we love another. But really, we are deeply attached. Why do I say this? Because attachment brings with it possession, ownership, control, dependency, need and give-take.

True love has none of these. True, transcendent love bypasses all ideations of me and you.

And if a?marriage was based on true love, there would be none of the conflict and emotionality we see in a divorce. The fact that divorce gets such a bad rap is not because “it” is “bad,” but because the marriage itself was predicated on false grounds of attachment. If the?marriage was truly a partnership of souls then the transition out of one form to another would be effortless and simply, quite beautiful.

Take a listen to how I believe we need to transform the entire paradigm of divorce to allow for these transitions to be joyful and peaceful for our children.

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With love,


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