Want to know what I think you should look for in your next intimate partner, presuming you are looking?

One thing primarily?.

The quality of their mind.

What does this mean? What does ?quality? really mean?

In my book, it means their?level of conscious awakening.?

It means: how awakened are they? How much inner work have they done? Have they cultivated a daily awareness of?compassion, kindness, self-awareness, and most importantly, self-realization?

Do they meditate? Spend time in nature?

These elements are essential IF you are seeking a conscious intimacy with another. And of course, it means that you are cultivating all these qualities yourself.

It doesn?t hurt if they are easy on the eyes – OF COURSE, but finding a conscious connection goes way beyond their cuteness or?their wealth.

A conscious connection is all about?two minds meeting and two WHOLE beings celebrating each other.?

Take a listen to my advice for someone looking for an intimate relationship.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at?EVOLVE?in October!

With love,


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