We are essentially energetic beings. For most, this is a hard fact to grasp.

The reason for this is because we are mired in the world of the concrete, quantifiable and palpable. Connecting to our energetic existence is hard for most of us. We need to be intuitive, aware and highly sensitive in order to do so. Little wonder then, most of us are not connected to this energetic essence of our reality – which I call FORMLESSNESS – and are simply mired in that which is touch-able; the form-based reality?of our worlds.

The true wisdom-master lives in both realities: the form and formless – effortlessly moving between both as needed. They are not entrenched in one over the other, nor do they ever lose sight of the fact that while living in the world of form is necessary for living,?it is the world of the formless that is essential for the soul.

Take a listen to my teaching on form-formlessness here?

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