The way our current marital ?system? is set up is that two people are expected to live in monogamy for the rest of their lives. This is ?true love.?

What this system fails to allow for is?GROWTH.

What if two people stop growing together? What if one partner wishes to explore their sexuality out of the monogamous dyad? What if one of the partner starts growing with another human being?

These questions are considered sacrilegious in today?s culture and therefore couples simply avoid these tough and honest questions.

The result? Couples lie. They ?cheat.? They stealth, lie, hide and cower. They are not ?bad? for doing so – they are just caught in a system that doesn?t allow for growth and discovery.

The entire premise of marriage – although well-intended in love – ultimately becomes about possession, ownership and control.

No one likes to admit it?well, then?why do people need to ?cheat?? Are all ?cheaters? – bad? I certainly don?t subscribe to that. The problem is deeper.

It all comes down to how we celebrate and honor each other – especially when the other acts in violation of our beliefs – and allow ourselves to love without conditionality.

Watch below then let me hear your thoughts.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at?EVOLVE?in October!

With love,



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