The scandals of sex abuse?in the Church are?not news. But the latest reports from Ireland certainly shook me to my core. They brought awareness to the notion that conscious?change requires both a deep awareness and a dedicated action plan in order to be sustaining.

For deep awareness to take place, the denial systems around the unconscious behaviors?must be broken down. This is the first step toward change:?ending denial.

After this, a plan for?conscious action?must be mapped out. When this involves an organization that touches millions, all who are part of it’s services become part of it’s healing. This is what true transformation means. It requires that?ALL involved be involved.

So the questions that beg?to be answered are:?What ?should? the Church or the Pope do??Is an apology enough? What actions ?should? it/he take toward true healing?

I attempt to answer some of these questions in this?GET REAL?response.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Leave them on my?Facebook?page or send them to:?ma*******@dr*******.com

Remove denial. Become aware. Make change. Get Real. Elevate.

Hope to see you at?EVOLVE!

Sending love,

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