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Stacie Lovato

Mindful Mama Warriors
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When I had my 3rd son in 2005 I was quite overwhelmed and began to question my role as a mom. ?I had always dreamed of being a mom, ?then there I was feeling quite miserable and doubting myself. ?I started a journey soon after to reclaim the life I knew was waiting for me, to be the mom I knew I could be.

A year ago I resumed a spiritual journey that I had started in my 20’s. ??Through meditation and daily spiritual work I got in touch with my higher self and the true spirit warrior inside me. ?I feel I am living in alignment and committed to being the change I want to see in the world. ?A world of compassion and love.

Through this spiritual work I have been nudged to bring other mamas together to network and support one another. ?I feel that we will be moms the rest of our lives and there will always be a need to have support from others as we navigate this motherhood journey. ?When we stay mindful through the journey we develop intense Mindful Mama Warrior wisdom!


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Lisa Stevens

Conscious Parent Coach & Hypnotherapist
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