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Sabrina Belo

Clinical Counsellor & Conscious Coach Sabrina Belo
Work Bolton ON L7E 1C7 Canada Certification: August 18, 2020
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Sabrina is the founder of Caledon’s Standing Tall Kids, which has focused on the development of children and teen?s self-esteem and problem-solving skills. In time, her service and her students (including her own children) taught her that the development of a child?s self-worth is not only managed by the child but also by their parents. This revelation motivated her to pursue her training and become a Certified Coach Practitioner, counselling parents and help families promote healthy connections at home. Sabrina?s personal experiences and years of education have taught her that hope exists, change is within our control, confrontation doesn?t have to be an argument, and self-love is the best gift you can give your family. The combination of her studies, experience and passion to serve provides her with the ability to help her clients break generational and emotional patterns of the past to live in the present.

Sabrina now works with adults to help shift their perspective to overcome any obstacle, emotionally, physically or spiritually, holding them back in their life. As a counsellor, wife and mom, she practices everything she teaches. She approaches every session with an open heart and non-judgemental mindset to connect deeper with her clients and provides concrete, practical guidance.

Sabrina?s support will help you deepen a long-lasting, healthy connection with your family. Sabrina believes You are worth it! Your family is worth it too! Sabrina is now a Certified Coach Practitioner of the Dr. Shefali institute. Sabrina also has a Diploma in Psycho-Spirituality Studies, Transitional Support, Dr. Shanker?s Self-Reg Foundations Program and is a graduate of Dr. Shefali?s Conscious Parenting Coaching Method?.

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