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Pragashnee Govender

Life Coach
Work Johannesburg South Africa Work Phone: +27 71 242 2703 Certification: March 18, 2022
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My passion for personal development was ignited at the age of 17, when I attended a Dale Carnegie Course. I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and over eight years experience in a corporate retail environment, within specialized Planning roles. I am a South African. I have lived and worked in London(UK) and in Houston(USA). These experiences helped me understand that there is more that connects us as a human race across continents, than divides us.

Through a personal journey of deep pain and feeling shackled by the rules and conditioning of an external environment, I found comfort and joy when I was learning and growing. My desire to express the creative side of me resulted in achieving certifications as an Interior Decorator, Floral Designer, and Event Planner. Over the years, I have worked on many projects aligned with these skills. Planning celebrations and creating beautiful spaces allowed me to satisfy a deep need within me – creating happiness.

My early introduction to personal development and stepping out of my comfort zone repeatedly, has helped me grow and build resilience in profound ways. It enabled me to bravely go off the beaten path, trusting my internal compass to guide me in making decisions aligned to my authentic self. It has helped me find my purpose. This route was certainly not short or smooth, but it was the only path that directed me towards happiness, peace, love, success and freedom.

As a Life Coach trained in the Conscious Parenting Coaching Methodology, I understand the root causes of pain and suffering. It affects every area of our lives including our relationships, work and health. My constant seeking for wisdom to master the self, has allowed me to attract many teachers in my life. Pain, suffering and challenges are not a sign of failure. They contain beautiful lessons that offer us our greatest liberation and transformation. We simply need to raise our levels of consciousness, to access it.

MY PURPOSE: To raise consciousness to restore our connection to our authentic self and to humanity.


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