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Hazel Swayne

Conscious Parenting Coach and Growth Mindset Coach Room to Grow
Work Austin TX 78724 United States Work Phone: +917 753 8004 Certification: September 16, 2022 Website: https://discoveracceptpractice.com/
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I am a Mom of 5 (teenagers, ouch!) born in Peru and made in the world via NYC. I combine my experience of designing learning experiences and coaching leaders with the essence of conscious parenting. I am a recovering control-freak, a marathon runner, and a head-turning dancer.

I now help parents, individually or as a couple, to build stronger relationships with themselves and their children. Via becoming more conscious of the conditionings that drive their parenting. I use models and tools from growth mindset, psychological safety, and behavioral design. All acquired though my long-standing career. I have been practicing mindfulness to regulate my ADHD nervous system for decades.


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