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Catia Hernandez Holm

International Marriage + Family Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker, LMFT 2024 Bright Light
Work Austin TX United States Work Phone: 956-249-7930 Certification: January 27, 2020 Website: www.catiaholm.com
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Catia Hernandez Holm is a Marriage and Family Coach and a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach with an extensive international client base. Her approach combines empathy, compassion, and a hopeful spirit that empowers women and families to find peace, connection, contentment, and healing.As a coach, Catia integrates traditional principles of marriage and family coaching, the transformative insights of Conscious Parenting, and her trauma-informed marriage and family therapy studies. Catia’s unique skill set facilitates a client’s deep healing and self-discovery. It encourages clients to reflect on and heal their traumas, allowing their children to thrive as their most authentic selves.

Catia is also an accomplished author, with her debut book, “The Courage to Become,” achieving instant acclaim and gaining recognition from booksellers like Barnes & Noble and Book People. Her second book, “A Gentle Return,” releasing in October 2024, is an inspirational memoir encouraging women to embrace their wholeness.

Known for her easygoing and charismatic energy, Catia is a sought-after speaker whose TEDx Talk, “Choose Joy or Die,” has inspired thousands. Her captivating storytelling and practical tools help audiences pursue authentic lives.

Catia’s expertise has earned her recognition and has been widely featured on media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and the Austin American Statesman.

In 2024, Catia will be a licensed marriage and family therapist working at the intersection of intergenerational trauma, mindfulness, and somatic processing within a systems framework.

Catia’s educational background includes a business degree from The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs Business School and a master’s degree from The University of Houston’s Hilton College of Hospitality. Before her coaching career, she managed fine dining restaurants and oversaw hospitality operations at the ACL-Live theater.

After becoming a mother, Catia transitioned her focus to writing, speaking, and coaching, where she guides families and helps women embrace their true selves. She resides in the Texas Hill Country with her family.


Empowering parents who want homes filled with kindness, connection, authenticity and joy.

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