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Anapaula Lozano

Life, Executive & Conscious Parenting Method Coach, Teacher, Studies in Fear, Organization Development and Change Counselor AnapaulaCO. Centro Consciente
Work Phone: +52 1 81 82525809 Website: anapaulaco.com
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ItAcompaño a adultos, adolescentes y niños a reconocer y moverse a un estado de más bienestar para relacionarse, trabajar, VIVIR en paz, gozar y realizarse. Reconocer los miedos, entender las creencias, emociones, agendas y patrones es vital para la transformación. Ofrezco coaching en familia, individual, ejecutivo. Diseño e imparto talleres y organizo eventos que coinciden con mi intención y promueven consciencia. Estudié Educación en la Universidad de Monterrey y obtuve una maestría en Desarrollo Organizacional y Cambio. Tengo una certificación de Leading Successful Change Initiatives en Harvard Continuing School y una especialización en el miedo (FEEL THE FEAR). Con la certificación de Points of You obtuve más herramientas para el Coaching. Obtuve la certificación de Conscious Parenting Coaching Method, Life Coach Y Coaching Ejecutivo por IMPEL. Trabajé en Chile, Roma y E.U en colegios religiosos. Vivo en Monterrey con mi esposo y tres hijos. Actualmente disfruto la creación de dos proyectos Centro Consciente y Rompiendo Paradigmas. Consciencia, Conecta, Crea, Contribuye y Confía. I accompany adults, adolescents and children to recognize and move to a state of more well-being to relate, work, LIVE in peace, enjoy and fulfill themselves. Recognizing fears, understanding beliefs, emotions, agendas, and patterns is vital for transformation. I offer family, individual, executive coaching. I design and teach workshops and organize events that coincide with my intention and promote awareness. I studied Education at the University of Monterrey and obtained a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Change. I have a Leading Successful Change Initiatives certification from Harvard Continuing School and a fellowship in fear (FEEL THE FEAR). With the Points of You certification I got more tools for Coaching. I obtained the Conscious Parenting Coaching Method, Life Coach and Executive Coaching certification by IMPEL. I worked in Chile, Rome and the United States in religious schools. I live in Monterrey with my husband and three children. I currently enjoy the creation of two projects Centro Consciente and Rompiendo Paradigmas. Consciousness, Connect, Create, Contribute and Trust.


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