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Maryna Volivetska

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Work 160 Broadway 4th floor East Building New York New York 10038 United States of America Work Phone: +1 (917) 891-2666 Website: www.innerselfnyc.com
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If you’re reading this, I imagine it’s because you’re feeling the truth right now – that parenting isn’t easy.

Here I am, telling you I can untie knots and make parenting simple. You must be wondering, who am I to guide you through this journey? What do I know about the struggle of parenting?

As a parent, I too have faced struggle. I found myself parenting under some of the toughest circumstances, at a point when almost every area of my life was hit by a spate of challenges.

I discovered the traditional method of parenting wasn’t helping my daughter or I move through rough times. I was grasping for control, trying to force things to be a certain way, and getting upset when life wasn’t yielding. It became clear as day. The parenting method prescribed by society just didn’t work. The ‘right way’ based on control was failing me.

I wondered… why was parenting so tough? Where was the flow I wanted to experience? Something needed to change to help me through the storm.

I found my answer…

Before I made for the shimmering lights of New York, I’d been practicing yoga for years back home. When my struggles with parenting and my situations arose, I took refuge in yoga again. With my body back on the mat, I released control and found relief through becoming more conscious.

After qualifying as a yoga teacher and setting up my center, beU, I wanted to go further. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of conscious parenting, so I could minimize the suffering of other parents. So, what did I do? I studied the Conscious Parenting Method with Dr. Shefali

Tsabary herself, the pioneer of the method!

I am now a certified practitioner equipped with tools that work and transform life. And I’m ready to support parents like you.

Your child can be your greatest teacher. Parenting really can open the door to peace. Let me guide you towards conscious parenting and its life-changing lessons, so you may welcome tranquility into your life.

My approach is gentle. I will meet you with compassion, wherever you are on your journey. No judgments (ever).


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160 Broadway 4th floor East Building New York New York 10038 United States of America


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