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Linda Pillard

Certified Conscious Coach/Real Estate Consultant
Work Woodland CA 95695 United States of America Work Phone: (530)-713-6121 Certification: March 30, 2021
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My name is Linda Pillard. I am an entrepreneur, educator, certified negotiator, and a Conscious Coach. The voice for children, elderly, domestic and all animals in nature. As a graduate from Dr. Shefali Conscious Coach Institute my focus is working with parents, tweens, teens, and young adults.

I was a troubled teen growing up and it continued into my adult life. I never understood “why”. As I worked with Dr. Shefali I have successfully weaved her teachings into my life to strengthen relationships and empower my overall emotional fitness. I have finally discovered the answers to the “why” .

Discovered that I was living unconsciously. Through the hard work and endless hours of deconstruction of my false beliefs, triggers, deep emotional pain, culture conditioning, generational outdated patterns that contributed to my defiance, anxiety, and power struggles within my relationships, I was able to start to understand. Conscience insights lead to self-discovery which allowed the beginning of my healing. Dr. Shefali said it beautifully “we left ourselves on the sidewalk of our childhood” and I wanted my authentic self-back!

Though Dr. Shefali’s education, books, Coaching Institute, and my own experience I can share with you all that I have learned and help you and others that are suffering in pain. I will ask powerful thought-provoking questions to help you in self-discovery because that is where the answers lie that lead you back to emotional fitness.

As your coach I will lead and help you navigate through it all so that you can nurture and cultivate deeper connection, have effective conflict resolution tools, and a new mindset to experience a joyful, and free authentic life. Know that YOU are not alone.


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