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Kendra Williams

Motherhood Coach | Conscious Parenting + Matrescence Kendra Williams, LLC
Work Parker CO 80134 United States Work Phone: 408-712-7299 Certification: September 15, 2021 Website: www.kendra-williams.com
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I believe every woman deserves to feel love, connection and joy and these shouldn’t take a backseat just because you became a mom.

I believe motherhood is a spiritual practice that asks you everyday to straddle the line between being in control and letting go, leading and being led and living with wild abandon while living within the complex social expectations of our society.

Some days it will be the hardest thing you’ll ever do and some days you’ll feel like you were born for this.

Some days you’ll embrace your influential role of raising the consciousness of the world and some days you’ll just barely have a shower.

Some days you will be open to improving your self-awareness and parenting skills and some days you will live on your couch with coffee, texting your bff and sharing Tiktoks.

I’ve been right where you are. I used to ride the shame spiral before I understood being a mother is so much more about you than your child. We are all born whole and complete and it is ironically us, the parents, that have the most growing to do.

We have forgotten that we are whole and complete before we even achieve a single thing and it is through raising our children that we rediscover the pieces of us we have forgotten.

I got you. As a certified conscious parenting coach and master practitioner of NLP, I help you navigate your inner world in a way that clears the space for you to be the most authentic and confident version of you, so you can raise the most authentic and confident version of your kids. Once you’ve got the tools you will literally feel like you can handle anything life throws your way.

When you’re ready to claim your identity, your motherhood and your value in this world, I’m here to help you take the next step to start loving your life again.


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