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Fiona Latif

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformation Therapist, Diploma in Counseling and Hypnotherapy (awarded Distinction), Founder of ‘The Consultation Room’ Dubai. www.fionalatif.com
Work 48 Burj Gate, Level 5 Dubai United Arab Emirates Work Phone: +971 501484913 Certification: September 15, 2021 Website: www.fionalatif.com
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Hi my name is Fiona Latif

I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformation Coach and founder of ’The Consultation Room’ here in Dubai, as well as a qualified Conscious Parenting Method Certification Program (CPMCP) Coach trained by Dr Shefali Tsabury.

I am also (which is my biggest achievement to date) a Mum to a wonderful, smart and funny 5 year old boy! It’s because of him that I reached out to explore ways and educate myself on how to be the best Mum I can be and find ways to consciously and positively parent him in a manner that would be light and fun at the same time. My goal is for us to create an autonomous, well balanced wonderful human being that brings with them happy and fun lasting childhood memories into his adult world.

Based in Dubai, I facilitate workshops for Hypnotherapy and Conscious parenting with an added emphasis for coaching for Adults and Children of Adoption. I also do coaching sessions and 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions for a variety of issues.

Being a parent can have its moments of laughter and then bring us to the depths of despair! It’s hard to make decisions in everyone’s best interests when we (as parents) are anxious, stressed and overwhelmed.

Through the teachings of CPMCP (Conscious Parenting Method Certification Programme) I can provide specific strategies and techniques to ‘help parents help their children’ and to help them both reach their fullest potential.

Through 1:1 coaching sessions and workshops we can, together, identify and then explore:

  • Problem areas in the parent-child relationships,
  • Explore with parents alternatives to ‘traditional disciplinary techniques’,
  • Help find ways to reduce the occurrence of triggers and conflict, and Techniques for parents and children on how to bond, trust and connect better.
  • Exploring the success of ‘CONNECTION over CORRECTION’
  • Exploring concepts and methods to help children develop behavioural functions such as self regulation, confidence, and resilience in the face of anxiety or stress.


  • To help parents understand their own evolution in the journey that is ‘parenthood’
  • Break down old paradigms and belief systems when it comes to parenting.
  • Helping parents stay sane when in the war zone of defiance and tantrums.
  • Help children flourish in their social, mental, emotional and executive skills

Get in touch:

If you want to have a chat and know more you can book a free x30 min discovery call here http://www.fionalatif.com/booking


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