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Erika Barr

Conscious Parent Coach, Trauma Informed, Life’s Purpose Coach Erika Barr Conscious Parent Coach
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Hey, I?m Erika!

A certified Conscious Parenting Coach, a mom to two wild boys, a devoted yogi, and an avid animal rescuer and foster mama.

As a mom to two kids, I am going through the same parenting struggles you are?sibling rivalry, jealousy, aggression, explosiveness, defiance, friend drama, power struggles, and more! These things all come with the territory of parenthood. My goal is to use these daily struggles as a portal to my own awareness, to practice managing my triggers, staying calm, and modeling for my kids what an imperfect, but self-aware and always-expanding person looks like.

Although I love kids, my true passion is working with their parents! Our children are affected by our energy, whether we express it verbally or not. I had to make huge shifts in my energy with my kids before I saw results in their behaviors. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping other parents become aware and shift their own energies to benefit their families. It is my passion to help parents delight in their children. There was a time in my parenting journey when I had a hard time finding any joy at all in raising kids. I know what it’s like to feel stretched too thin, to feel like I’m not cut out for such hard work, to feel humiliated by my kids, and to just feel like I might not survive this parenting thing. And I also now know what can turn all of that around. I know how to see the gifts of my boys and I can now say that I am profoundly grateful for the lessons they have taught me.

Conscious Parenting is a spiritual practice for me, and I have found it helpful to bring an Eastern mindfulness approach to coaching. Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are the tools I use to keep myself sane, and I enjoy sharing these with the parents I work with.

My parenting philosophy is influenced by the research and work of others who encourage the use of positive/respectful/conscious parenting strategies (Dr. Shefali Tsabury, Dr. Laura Markham, Dr. Ross Greene, and Dan Siegel). My perspective is also influenced by my education in psychology, early childhood education, and the latest trauma informed approaches.

Please reach out if you would like to work together!


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