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I am a parent just like you and I know that raising children is challenging, especially with the changes that we are experiencing today’s world. I raised my older daughter in a joint custody/co-parenting situation and adopted my younger daughter as a single parent. I had plenty of adversities as I dealt with each child’s unique needs. I understand the strength it takes to deal with school issues, acting out behavior and co-parenting, all while maintaining full time employment. My resilience and willingness to adapt got me through the difficult times and as a result, my children thrived. I asked for help, learned a new way to parent, and my children thrived. Even if you feel overwhelmed I can teach you the skills you need make positive changes and your children can thrive too.

I understand that your children may be throwing tantrums, not listening to you, and talking back. Your kids are not performing up to their potential in school and it is driving you crazy because you know that they could do so much better if they if they would just focus. You children are possibly showing signs of anxiety and depression and you just don’t know what to do about it.

I help parents who are feeling overwhelmed calm their anxiety, build a better connection with their children and enjoy their family time.

I know that you have tried everything including rewards, punishments, therapy and taking away their electronics, but your children’s behavior has not shifted.

Conscious parenting is a different because it focuses in on the parent and not the child. We will work together to uncover your unhelpful patterns that have caused discord in your family. I help you overcome your patterns and teach you how to regulate your emotions so your children will want to communicate with you.

I hold Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and I am certified as Conscious Parenting Coach in the Conscious Parenting Method by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. As a Children’s Social worker for the Department of Children and Family Services I have over 25 years of experience with working with youth and their parents. Most of all I understand the challenges of raising children in these difficult times we are living in.

My story has a happy ending and so can yours. Although parenting can to be challenging at times, I find that I have more fun with my girls and less conflict. They often come to me with their problems instead of their friends. While I focusing in on their strengths and accepting the areas that need growth, have come to understand my children for the amazing young women that they are.

If you are ready take a deep dive to relieve your anxiety and build better relationship with your children I invite you to contact me an email at cheryl@cherylpolsky.com to schedule a complementary 30 minute phone call.


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