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Aneika Perez

Conscious Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Aneikaperez.com
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As a certified conscious coach and mindfulness meditation teacher I coach my clients to enter the present moment, tap into their inner wisdom, take empowered action and transform their lives.

Hi, I am Aneika! I am so excited that you are here looking for a coach to start creating the life you want. Whether you are experiencing challenges with your children, your partner, at work or any other life situation that has you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and lost, I am here to help you. If you are tired of wishing things will be different in your life and are ready to take action, book a free discovery call with me to get to know each other and figure out if I am a good match for your needs. 

My approach to coaching will allow you to develop your own insight and true power to traverse your life situations. Through compassionate inquiry, deep listening and mindful exercises, you will learn tools to take with you and apply in your moment to moment life experiences.    

When I am not coaching my clients, or working as a CPA, you can find me enjoying the outdoors with my 9 year old son. I love to bike, hike, walk the streets of NYC and avocados! I can have avocado for breakfast, lunch and dinner ? 

Hablo Espanol! 



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