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Andrea Kubasch

Family, Yoga & Meditation Coach Power Yoga Institute GbR
Work Herderstrasse 38 Hamburg 22085 Germany Work Phone: +49 (0)40 38 63 22 64 Website: www.poweryogainstitute.de
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  • Conscious Parenting Coach Cohort 1
  • Bestseller author of 3 books all published @Randomhouse
  • Co-Founder of The Family Academy
  • Fascia Scientist at the Fascia Research University
  • Owner of 3 Meditation- and Yoga Studios
  • Founder of The Mindful Conferences
  • Conferences & Workshops in Europa, Asia & USA
  • Twinmom

Coaching for families with unborn, newborn, toddlers up to 6 years I am a family coach as well as a yoga and meditation coach and I love working for the Universe. I am an entrepreneur, fascia scientist, marketer, speaker. I work with other heart-centered families and entrepreneurs??people wired a lot like me??who want to be authentically themselves in life and their family. They want their true calling to fund their lifestyle of choice, which means they want to fully engage in what I call the ongoing journey of ?lucrative self-realization?. I offer private and group coaching that provides the clarity, nourishment, training and support that they need to make that happen. My husband Dirk and I founded the Power Yoga Institute studios (www.poweryogainstitute.de) . We are offering beside regular yoga classes a nourishing training ground for yoga teachers, parents and heart centered entrepreneurs seeking true self-sufficiency doing the work they love. Through our programs, live events, and our blog, we educate and inspire thousands of people out of painful conflict around family, money, self-sabotage, and inhibited self-expression into having the freedom and abundance to do what they love every day, and be more authentically themselves more of the time – in life, their families AND in business. We have written 4 bestseller books published at Random House in the last 5 years and published 10 yoga & meditation dvds in the last 10 years. By helping parents to quiet down the mind, unclog the mind from its business, and opening themselves up to receive, we cultivate qualities that enhance our relationships with ourselves, our children and all beings and things. Only when we open ourselves to the unknown in order to transform ourselves and develop ourselves can we raise our children holistically. If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change! (MICHAEL JACKSON: Man in the Mirror)


  • English
  • German
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Herderstrasse 38 Hamburg 22085 Germany


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