Conscious Insights

I have created conscious insights as another vessel to help expand and awaken your sphere of consciousness. My hope is that these inspirational messages will elevate your awareness even deeper on your conscious parenting journey. Namaste, Dr. Shefali.

We need to be emotional chiropractors – Conscious Insights – July 18, 2015

We need to be emotional chiropractors for our children (and ourselves)

when their emotional discs are dislodge we need to step in, connect, talk, process, teach over and over until their emotional spines are back in alignment with their deepest being

all day long, we align this is the only way to ensure that emotional plaque doesn’t build up

constant presence, awareness and vigilance.

? Dr. Shefali

Pain arrives – Conscious Insights – July 15, 2015

Pain arrives and the instinct is to run, hide, deny, pretend and conceal

instead pause and open arms to let in

let the tears fall, the anguish sear
let the cries scream and the fear to tremble

keep feeling. fully. in the present. no holding back.

then, slowly, you will find that the pain transforms into

awareness. insight. wisdom. empathy. compassion. growth. change.

? Dr. Shefali

What does it mean to hold space for another? – Conscious Insights – July 12, 2015

What does it mean to hold space for another?

It means:

To allow the other to exists as is
To honor the other to be as is
To validate the other to think as is
To witness the other to grow as ois
To accept the other to live as is

See no lack and resist nothing

This can only occur when we hold this space for ourselves first.

? Dr. Shefali

Every moment matters – Conscious Insights – July 11, 2015

Every moment matters
Every chance to hug
Every opportunity to say “I love you”
Every choice to be more? present
Every intention to be more compassionate
Every decision to pause and talk rather than react
Every chance to sit and connect rather than be busy
Every time you slow down, notice, and appreciate
Take the space today to make it easier

? Dr. Shefali

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