Conscious Insights

I have created conscious insights as another vessel to help expand and awaken your sphere of consciousness. My hope is that these inspirational messages will elevate your awareness even deeper on your conscious parenting journey. Namaste, Dr. Shefali.

10 Maverick Acts for Your Whole Self -Conscious Insights – January 5, 2016

10 Maverick Acts for Your Whole Self:

MIND: Release judgment of “shoulds” & accept the as-is

BODY: Pledge to eat only very-very-divine things

SOUL: Make ten heart connections today

LOVE: Drop in the floor and play with your kids

LIFE: To your chores, say, “thank you for allowing me to live”

NATURE: Touch it, feel it, breathe it

PEACE: Write your worries on a paper and allow them to nap today

PAST: Recognize that it doesn’t exist anymore – only in your mind

FUTURE: Take one, just one step toward a dream you have

PRESENT: Enter the now, embrace it, love it, live it

? Dr. Shefali


Entering Stillness – Conscious Insights – January 3, 2016

Entering Stillness

When you have nowhere to go
And you feel overwhelmed with feelings
Anger, sadness, reactivity
Dare to take a pause
And go within the self
And allow yourself to simply stay present to it all
Without doing a thing
Detaching from the FORM (the trigger) and simply staying present
Neither running away nor denying nor escaping nor attacking nor revenging
Just staying with the present
Fully experiencing the storm rise within you
And feeling it all without reacting to a thing
Is one of the most revolutionary acts of humanity

? Dr. Shefali

Looking in the mirror is never easy – Conscious Insights – November 21, 2015

looking in the mirror is never easy

facing one’s demons
insecurities, unworthiness and fears
takes boundless courage

this becomes harder if we expect perfection

instead, if we expect something different
like our pure humanity
wouldn’t looking in the mirror be easier?

and because of this, awareness possible?
and transformation inevitable?

? Dr. Shefali

Our children need us to be a container – Conscious Insights – November 4, 2015

our children need us to be a container of their feelings of their tears, fears, and fierce love.

what is a container?

you could call it a dumping ground on the days they exhaust you.

instead, imagine it as a wide open holding vessel that wraps them in a protective shield.

it is bottomless, deep, soothing bowl wherein they can enter, curl up and let go.

? Dr. Shefali

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