3 Mistakes Every Parent Makes During a Meltdown

3 Mistakes Every Parent Makes During a Meltdown

Meltdowns are tough. Tantrums are treacherous.

They are downright life-sucking. They sneak on you without notice and they stay like the plague.

Once they arrive, there is no switch to turn them off. It?s like the aliens have descended and abducted your child?s brain. One moment your toddler, pre teen or teen is the sweetest thing, all cuddly in your arms and whoa, what happened – what did you miss? – you blinked and the torrents descended. Your child transforms from human to monster, from sweetness to absolute wickedness. Arms flailing, tears pouring, voice shrieking – should I say more???

Finding The Zen In The Tantrums…

Finding The Zen In The Tantrums…

Conflicts with our children are inevitable. In fact, they can even be healthy ? provided we can learn how to transform them into life-lessons.

Dr. Shefali

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