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??????????? Do you believe that you can be the master of your own destiny?

??????????? Do you believe that it is possible to access an eternal state of joy and abundance?

Does this sound too arrogant, presumptuous and narcisstic?

You may be right?but that?s only because you didn?t read the question in the way it was intended.

If you read the question to mean: it is possible to be in CONTROL of your destiny, then yes, this would seem like arrogant question indeed.

But, this is not what these questions mean.

Let?s break it down here.


Being a master of your destiny is not the same thing as being in control of it.
They are two very different things.


In order to better understand this, it is important to differentiate between two types of events:

1) those where there is clear participation by you


2) those where there is UNclear participation by you.

What do I mean by events where there is clear participation?

These events include all the things that occur within our relationships;

??????????? to our body, our homes, our family, friends, colleagues and those we interact with.


??????????? This includes the fights we get into, the power-struggles, the divorce-wars and all the types of conflict that can possibly exist between two beings.


What do I mean by events where there is UN-clear participation?

These include events that seem to have no direct connection to us – it could have happened to anyone in exactly the same way; ??


??????????? such as the weather, a flat tire, an accident on the highway we are traveling on, a canceled flight, a robbery down the street.


You would immediately agree that you bear at least 50% of the responsibility for how your personal relationships turn out, right? So you would agree that for those CLEARLY PERSONAL events, you are a co-creator? Yes?

But you might not be so quick to agree to 50% of the responsibility where you are not directly involved, right?. Here is where you would be wrong.

In those instances of UN-clear participation, you might not see your co-creation because you did not ?cause? the event to occur. This may be true, but this doesn?t absolve you from responsibility. On the contrary! You are actually equally responsible.

How? You might ask.

Here?s how: while you did not ?cause? the event the occur, you are certainly responsible in how the event is perceived, interacted with and processed by you. Here is where you hold the power, the responsibility and the onus for what happens next. In other words, your reaction to the event immediately determines its influence on you.

So in both situations, it is your reactions that determine how any event influences you and determines how things turn out for you in the long run.

Will you be overwhelmed or stay calm?

Will you be stressed out or peaceful?

Feel helpless or empowered?

Feel renewed or beaten up?

Feel challenged or scared?

It all depends on YOU. It is here that your inner emotional mastery comes into play.

In order to get to the end of suffering, this is what you need to fully embody and accept:


That you, and only you have control over how you react to things. Once you control your reactions TO events, you begin to master how your destiny plays out.


Once you embrace this truth, then you can go to the next step of tailoring your reactions to attract the type of events, people and relationships in your life that most benefit your highest expression of who it is you are and wish to evolve into.

Of course, this doesn?t mean that you won?t still fall prey to life?s uncertainties ? not at all! You might still stub a toe against the stool, still get into an accident on the way to work, and still experience physical illnesses.

This does mean, however, that you will be able to consciously design how you learn from life, who enters your life, how they stay in it and how long you keep them close.


It is all up to YOU!

YOU get to decide.


And the more conscious you are, the quicker the negative elements fade away.

It just naturally happens – it is all a fall-out and side-effect of living a more conscious life.

In order for you to live a conscious life, you need to first start being CONSCIOUSLY AWARE.

What does this mean? It means that you need to consciously attend to your thoughts, reactions, speech and behavior. In short, you need to PAY ATTENTION.

Only once you pay attention, can you start consciously choosing what you want and don?t want in your life and how you want to react in order to achieve your vision for yourself and your family.

Once you learn how to harness your energy in a conscious manner, you come to notice how much power you truly have in creating your own destiny.

You slowly begin to notice how you can maneuver events simply by changing one note in the tone in your voice, taking a second of a pause before you speak or by twisting one thought on its head.

And then you begin to notice how you attract experiences into your life over and over again in an effort to grow and expand?.and realize that unless you learn what you are meant to learn the lessons keep repeating themselves over and over.

You come to humbly accept that the moment you fully ?learn? your lesson, the events in your life shift and change – but not a second before.

It all begins with what you believe.

So do you believe?? That is the first place to start.


When you adopt the belief that every experience in your life enters your psychic space so that you can grow from it, you begin to ?use? the experience to catapult you to your next best version of yourself. Instead of stewing in resentment and bitterness about why an event occurred in your lives, you turn it around and ask:


How can I harness the energy of this moment to elevate me to my next best life?

How can I learn from this moment and use the teaching to be of service to others?

How can I fully accept that I asked for this experience – however painful – so that I may become stronger, more compassionate and more humble?

How can I fully surrender to the fact that this experience entered my life so that my soul can stretch, soar and rise?

??????????????????????? This is how YOU can fully be the masters of your own? destiny.

??????????????????????? Because YOU already are – it?s just unconscious!

??????????????????????? YOU are.

??????????????????????? You just now need to believe YOU ARE.

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